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Title: Asunder

Author: David Gaider

ISBN: 9780857686473
Pages: 416
Description: How do you stop a murderer who is invisible and doesn’t, technically speaking, even exist?

Not easily that’s for sure. Only one man can actually see him and he dare not give his perceptions voice because everybody will think he is utterly insane. Even a mention of the murderer’s name is forgotten by the hearer as some dark magic lingers over his words. Rhys knows he is not mad, but he can’t even communicate these ideas to anyone so he is forced to remain silent.

“And worse, there was the music. He didn’t know what it was, but it seemed to come from far, far off. It called to him, but not in a pleasant way—it had an urgency that sped his heart and made his blood burn.”

Five mages have been brutally stabbed to death so far. The mages, naturally, blame their powerful overseers: The Templars. And the Templars blame the mages who they believe have summoned a daemon to do their bidding. Tensions between the two factions are ridiculously tight.


The Templars decide to send Rhys on a mission which may help to give them answers regarding their invisible slasher. He is sent with a Templar (to watch him) and his mother, Wynne: an extremely powerful sprit healer. Rhys becomes distracted with the mission at hand and is dogged by the problems the mages have. His concern with the bigger picture interrupts his focus on the dangers that are happening in the present, and as such a dangerous situation becomes a fatal situation. He was lucky he had such a healer with him.

The Weakest Dragon Age book so far

The arguments between the Templars and the mages form a huge part of the Dragon Age universe; it is one of its central themes and one of the major causes of conflict, but here it felt a little overdone. It was the story: it completely dominated everything else and didn’t allow for the characters to shine through the narrative. I never got the impression that any of them were particularly divided about it. They were one side or for the other, which was a shame because dealing with complex moral questions is what make this series so immersive.

After a while, I just wanted to see the story go somewhere else which it didn’t. Sure, it’s an entertaining read though the previous two books were much more compelling.
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